Meet the Makers

We work closely with our pottery workshop partner based in Siem Reap. Each staff member receives on going training where they can continually learn and improve their pottery technique, receives well above local monthly wage and work in fair trade conditions.  

Sieng, 28, has been working as a ceramists for 2 years. Before joining the pottery workshop, Sieng worked for a construction company mixing concrete and only received $3-$4 a day. Now with her wage, she is able to support her 4 siblings. She helps to pay schooling for her 3 younger siblings and contributes to her older brother's buffalo farm. Sieng works the pottery wheel like a boss and is the talented maker behind our droplet boxes.


Phea, 27, has been working as a ceramists for 6 years. Like Sieng, Phea previously worked in construction where she use to earn $2.50 per day as well as helping out at her parent's farm. She describes working at the pottery workshop as a lot of fun, "working on the farm was lonely but now I see my friends everyday". During the 6 years at the pottery workshop, she had excelled in the traditional hand building slab technique. She's the talented maker behind our pinch bowls.   


Ah Ya, 24, has been working as a ceramists for 6 years. During this time he has excelled in the hand-building technique and is the maker responsible for our ceramic hands. The first hand took him half a day to perfect. With his wage, he's able to support mother and save for his future home.


Heian 32, has been working as a ceramists for 2 years. Before joining the pottery workshop, Heian was a soldier where he worked long hours far from his family. Now a pottery wheel specialist, not only does he earn a better wage to support his family but more importantly is able to work in a location that is close to his family home. He's one of the talented makers behind our stack vases.


Pohl, 28, has been working as a ceramists for 3 years at the pottery workshop. A big congrats to Pohl who has recently married to Sohm who he met at the workshop! He's excited about the future where he hopes to welcome a little one in the near future. He's one of the talented makers behind our stack vases.